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The Small Magic Podcast

Mar 15, 2018

Lately, the youth of this nation has been showing the adults how to act and behave. Our guest today fits into that category but he's not trying to teach or "school" anyone. He's just doing.

Frank is an 11-year-old from the Tampa Bay area and he wants to make a difference. AND that he is doing. Frank makes pens by hand and sells them for $15, $5 of which each go to a charity of his choice. He was not told to do this; he just thought about it and decided to do it. For the record, I have two of Frank's pens and they are my favorites. 

If you think you can't make a difference until you have it all figured out, listen to Frank's story and then let me know if you changed your mind. 

For information on getting your own pen from Frank's Pens, follow them on Frank's Pens on Facebook and DM them to place an order!

If you know of anyone else making a difference in their community or have your own story, please contact us a The Small magic Podcast or email Lisa at

In the meantime, go out an make your own Small Magic!