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The Small Magic Podcast

Feb 22, 2018

Laundry- I hate to do it. I will avoid it until I have to do it and then, I do it begrudgingly. But, what if I couldn't do it? What if I had to choose between clean clothes and food? How would that affect my life?

In today's episode, Jason Sowell and I discuss those situations. He saw a need and just decided that he would do something about it. He didn't wait until the he had a plan or he had an organization. He just did it.

AND after doing it for some time, he created the Laundry Project here in the Tampa Bay area. Now, it's in cities all across the US. AND that's not where he stopped. He also created the Hope for Homes Project and Affordable Christmas

Jason is one of the impact makers that I talk about and then some. Not only has he changed his local community and the lives of people in it, but also communities across the nation and countless other lives.

I hope you listen to Jason's story and that it inspires you to do more.

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