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The Small Magic Podcast

Mar 1, 2018

Omar Fuentes is a former Marine and all around do-gooder AND being transparent, I call him my brother from another mother. He's a father, a son, a husband and a friend. AND he's so much more than that. Omar is on a journey to be better than he was yesterday AND to inspire others, specifically, his brothers and sisters who have returned from service to a new mission as a civilian.

He had his own challenges upon his return from service and not only did he decide to work on himself, he also wanted to help others and stop them from making the same mistakes he did. AND that was the birth of Semper Fi Project.

Like many others we have interviewed here, Omar didn't wait for conditions to be perfect. He only knew that he wanted to make a difference and he just did it. Listen to Omar's story and see what diamonds you can get for your own life.

As always, get out there and be magic!

If you have a story to share or know of someone in your community doing something to bring positive change, please email me at or visit The Small Magic Podcast.