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The Small Magic Podcast

Feb 13, 2018

I met Michelle DeJong several years ago and knew she was special from the second she opened her mouth. Everything she did, every person whose life she touched. We all benefitted from having known her. Sadly, Michelle's story ended sooner than anyone wanted as she passed from Brain Cancer. 

This isn't a sad story though. This is a story of hope, inspiration, and most of all, fight.

Michelle was a fighter and left behind a legacy of so much more than what she did or how her story ended. Ryan DeJong is her husband and today, he carries on that fight through the organization that he and Michelle founded, The Fighter Foundation.

The Fighter Foundation objectives are as follows:

  • Fund Brain Tumor Research

  • Promote Brain Tumor Awareness

  • Support Quality of Life Enrichment

  • Community Events

For more information if you need help or if you want to help, click here. You can also follow on Facebook here or shop at the Fighter Store.

Remember, "Be The Good."