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The Small Magic Podcast

Feb 20, 2018

I'm a Florida girl and there is nothing I love more than spending an afternoon on the Gulf beach! I love to put my toes in the sand, hear the waves lap on the shore and lay in the sun with the warm gulf breeze blowing over me.

Afroz Shah loves the beach too. After a childhood spent near his beloved beach, he moved away only to return as an adult. Wha he found upon his return was nothing short of shocking, garbage piled up in places as high as five feet tall and covering the beach. It was unhealthy and the beach was basically unusable. 

Listen to today's episode to hear what Shah did next. I hope it both warms your heart and inspires you.

If you have or know of a story of someone ordinary making an extraordinary impact on their community, please email me to submit it at

Now, go out there and be Magic!