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The Small Magic Podcast

Apr 10, 2018

Imagine having to choose between feeding your family and pretty much anything else. Now, imagine someone coming up behind you and paying your entire grocery bill. That's what Fill My Basket does. 

Fill My Basket was started by Matthew Danuser and some of his friends when they pooled together $55 of their personal money along with a handful of money raised through social media and they started picking random families and people to pay for their groceries. While it seems like a simple idea, they have made a tremendous impact for most everyone they have paid for. You'll hear one story in this podcast.

It was just that easy. Ask for money to buy groceries for random people. Impact made.

For more information about them, click Fill My Basket or follow them on Facebook at Fill My Basket

If you have a story of your own or know of someone making an impact in their community, share with Lisa at or submit your story at The Small Magic Podcast.

Now go out there and make your own MAGIC!