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The Small Magic Podcast

Nov 1, 2017

Ricky Sailor is a very special guy! He founded and has been running an organization called Unsigned Preps for some time now! 

The organization is built on positioning exposure, education, community service and consulting as the keys to effectively producing well-rounded student-athletes that flourish on college campuses.

Unsigned Preps has a 100% high school graduation rate and currently, they have 50, soon to be 101, kids that have graduated from college. Additionally, they have a handful in the NFL.

The NFL isn't the goal, however. Graduating from college and becoming a good citizen, responsible adult and all that comes with it, is.

Ricky has been there and done that. He was highly recruited out of both high school and junior college. There's nothing these kids can do that Ricky probably hasn't already tried. he says he never had a kid get kicked off of a team for lack of ability BUT he has had a kid get kicked off a team for attitude.

Listen to him and you can't help but hear the passion he has for this program!

For more information, you can go to the website here.