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The Small Magic Podcast

Dec 7, 2017

Tampa is an entrepreneurial city and we are full of people creating new business ventures that impact not just them but also our community. One of those entrepreneurs is Valerie Ellis Lavin.

Valerie retired after 21 years in the Army as the U.S Central Command Commandant Headquarters First Sergeant. Her military background and her experience as an entrepreneur has given her a unique perspective on Veteran's as professionals and as business owners. She is a dynamic leader who works tirelessly to ensure every Veteran (and Veteran Spouse) who wants to become a business owner can accomplish that mission.  

Now, Valerie's new mission is with Operation Startup, showing other former military and entrepreneurs the ropes when it comes to business.

Her motto: Serving those who served.

Valerie is a gift to Tampa and we are truly grateful for not only her service to our country but also her continued service to our community!