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The Small Magic Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

Jodi Pelletier would say she is no one special. I disagree. Jodi is a teacher in the local Tampa Bay area and teaches second grade. I'd be willing to bet you that the eight learning challenged students whom she has taught would say she's pretty special too. 

Jodi is not a special needs teacher. She does not have an organization backing her other than the elementary school she teaches at. What Jodi does have is heart and love and respect for other humans. Jodi has given her time to these kids and likely always will. 

She's made a difference in their lives and they will be forever changed because of it. If I had a child in elementary school. I'd want Jodi to be his or her teacher. 

She is what Small magic is all about. She didn't like the way something was so she just took it upon herself to make things better.

Mission accomplished, Jodi. AND thank you for making a difference. 

If you have a story of your own or know of someone making an impact in their community, email Lisa at or submit your story at The Small Magic Podcast.

Now go out and make your own SMALL MAGIC!