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The Small Magic Podcast

Nov 2, 2018

Kristi Campbell is a friend, a business owner and an impact maker. I can't even remember how many times she has helped me and my family with her generosity, kindness, and her business, Home Instead Senior Care. Kristi and her husband, Jon, along with a great team of administrators and caregivers, have been making a difference in people's lives for many years now. They essentially have their own brand of "Small Magic." AND now, they also have their own 501c3 called "Be A Santa To A Senior." Listen to today's episode to find out how Kristi, Jon and their team continue to forward the mission of making an impact for the better.

If you have a story of your own or know of someone making an impact in their community, email Lisa at or submit your story at The Small Magic Podcast.

Now go out and make your own SMALL MAGIC!